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Welcome to the UK Top Influencer Awards! This is where we celebrate outstanding influencers from all sorts of areas in the UK. Influencers are really important in today’s digital world – they’re leading the way in creating change, inspiring others, and bringing new ideas.

The First Host of The UK Top Influencer Awards

TOWIE and Love Island Star Georgia Harrison presenting the very first UK Top Influencer Awards in Newcastle 2024

TOWIE and Love Island star Georgia Harrison has been named the UK Top Influencer for 2024 at the inaugural UK Top Influencer Awards.

Georgia, who also announced that she is set to make a docuseries about the ‘revenge porn’ campaigning work, that followed the conviction of her ex-partner Stephen Bear, hosted the inaugural awards, which were held at Event Northumbria in Newcastle.

Speaking after she was presented with the Influencer of the Year gong, Georgia said: “It’s so nice to be able to use your platform to inspire people and giving people recognition for what they are doing this evening is amazing.

“Influencers are beautiful souls with a passion for something – anything that floats your boat.

“You’re taking a risk – it’s hard to put yourself out there and too many people don’t do that because they are scared to be judged and worry about how they might look but I’m here to tell you to do whatever you want and follow your dreams and passions.”

Speaking at the “inspiring event” Georgia added her thoughts on what it means to be an influencer.

“The word influencer sounds like you’re trying to get someone to do something and people don’t always understand what being an influencer is,” she said.

“For me, an influencer is someone who has a huge passion for something and a creative eye to really notice something that’s beautiful or attractive and showcase it to their audience.

“You have perhaps seen beauty in a moment and have got the ability to capture it in a way not many other people can.

“When it comes to influencing, it’s about the brand you create and the tools that you’ve got.”

She added: “You’ve got to enjoy it and stay ahead in whatever niche you’re interested or involved in.”

Georgia also said that people think being an influencer gives you an ‘easy life,’ but for many people, especially those who have social justice at the heart of what they’re trying to achieve on social media, it can be incredibly hard.

“Not everyone gets to go on Love Island or TOWIE and come off those programmes with a million followers,” she admits.

“For most people, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to grow your online audience.

“When you put out content and it doesn’t do very well it can really knock you.

“It’s great to meet people who are doing well in their particular area of influencing at these awards tonight – and getting this recognition could be what drives them to have four million followers one day!”

Other winners of the awards included Damian Kutryb, who won UK Top Dance Influencer and UK Top Business Influencer.

The “poledancing Pole” who created ‘Gay Friendly Fitness’ gym GFFDamian Dance Studio in Manchester, attended the ceremony with his boyfriend and business partner, Artur Biernat.

Damian said: “The two awards are linked together, as the idea for the business came from the fact that when I started pole dancing, I felt like it was only for a woman and not a gay man like me.

“That gave me the inspiration to open my own place.”

Now Damian, who has 111,000 followers on Instagram @damiankutryb, employs 20 instructors and a team of staff to run his dance studio on Corporation Street.

Damian Kutryb, who won UK Top Dance Influencer and UK Top Business Influencer
Former criminal Ian Griggs known as MrInkLondon uses his platform to inspire those not to make the mistakes he made

Other winners included ex-convict Ian Griggs @mrinklondon, who has turned his life around and become an actor, known for his excessively tattooed appearance.

Ian said: “I’ve just come along to enjoy the night but to win has been absolutely amazing.

“It’s nice to win but more importantly that I’m using my influence to help others.

“I hope to encourage people not to get into the life I was in previously and be a better person.”

Top singing influencer Anuska Rattan, @anuska_artist on Instagram, has already seen her work recognised by international superstar Ne-Yo.

The urban pop music starlet said: “I have been supported by Ne-Yo, who found me on YouTube and pushed my song out there – that was a shock to be honest!

“I enjoy performing dance music and garage – anything that kind of represents me growing up.

“I loved Britney Spears, Chris Brown and the whole Garage scene, old school RnB, Michael Jackson and Destiny’s Child.”

Being from an Asian background Anuska also grew up watching glamorous Bollywood artists and actors.

Asked what’s next for her, she said: “I’m just going with the flow. I’m working on my own material at the moment and we will see where that leads.

Anuska Rattan winner of UK Top Singing Influencer poses with her UK Top Influencer Award
Celebrity Drummer Tobi Ripley and Georgia Harrison pose for a selfie at UKTI 2024

The awards were also attended by Tobi Ripley, a drummer from Stokesley, who also played at the wrap party for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Tobi led Georgia onto the stage in dramatic style with Bongos at the start of the night.

Chris Henderson, a model and DJ from Middlesbrough organised the UK Top Influencer Awards.

The outspoken advocate for positive mental health and wellbeing is now looking forward to bringing the awards back in 2025, following a successful night.

“There are lots of things I would change, but I think the concept is proved by the success of this awards night,” he said.

“Everyone had a brilliant time and left happy and smiling, with people staying right at the end to let their hair down on the dancefloor.

“It was a brilliant event and Georgia did a fantastic job as the host and presenter – a road I know she really wants to go down in television, where I wish her every success.”

Chris Henderson and Georgia Harrison at The UK Top Influencer Awards 2024

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Our awards are all about recognizing those who have really made an impact on social media. These are the people who have huge followings, start important conversations, and leave a mark. They could be fashion experts, lifestyle advisors, tech buffs, or even activists. They’ve changed how we see and interact with the world.

The UK Top Influencer Awards is all about highlighting the best British influencers. We give them a platform to shine and get noticed for their hard work, authenticity, and their deep connection with their followers. It’s not just about how many likes or followers they have – it’s about the positive changes they bring to society.

Join us, and be part of this exciting world of influence. Welcome to the UK Top Influencer Awards!

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